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Meebo - Interest Graph

The constant stream of information on the web is growing every second. The goal of the Interest Graph project is to help people cut through the clutter and get to stuff that matters to them.

Role:  Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping
Tools:  Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop

Food Buddha - Android App

Food Buddha is aimed at helping people organize their food storage better, manage expiring food efficiently and access other information such as recipes, nutrition etc.

Role:  Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping
Tools:  Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop

Awards:  2nd place at expoSItion by Microsoft Research and Yahoo!

one note

Evaluation of Microsoft OneNote

Standard User Centered Design methods were used to evaluate the Tagging feature of Microsoft OneNote.

Role:  User Experience Research
Tools:  Morae, Illustrator, Photoshop
Client:  Microsoft UX Research

kids mall


The KidMall website is designed to be a comprehensive web-based system that integrates the external website, participant registration, in-store kiosk, inventory control, and event management by utilizing a carefully designed Information Architecture.

Role:  Information Architecture
Tools:  Visio



Looked at an inforamtion process within the organization, analyzed the various breakdowns in information,communication, culture and sequence and came up with a few recommendations that may improve the process.

Role:  User Experience Research
Tools:  Illustrator
Client:  Ford Motor Company, Project Synergy

dish cart redesign

DISH Network - Redesign of DISH Shopping Cart

The motivation behind the redesign of the shopping cart was to increase the order completion rate by improving the overall online customer experience.

Role:  Interaction Design, Information Architecture
Tools:  Axure
Client:  DISH Network

Nextgen Redesign

DISH Network - Redesign of Agent Order Entry Tool

This Order entry tool was redesigned to improve the experience for power users (agents).

Role:  Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design
Tools:  Axure, Illustrator
Client:  DISH Network



Heuristic Evaluation and redesign of various pages in the corporate website www.dishnetwork.com (both Customer Acquisition and Retention)

Role:  Interaction Design
Tools:  Axure, Photoshop
Client:  DISH Network

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TV Vector foodbuddha 15books Poster App_Icon Brochure Design Business Cards Cartoon_Poster iGoogle_Header IM_Icon Michigan Difference Poster Postcard1 Postcard2 Rabbit_Poster Season Bookmarks SI_Logo SI_Logo2 Snail_Poster website1 website2 website3

User Experience Design header

ICU Network Analysis

Network Analysis of US Critical Care Hospital Transfers

Course Project: 1.Developed an effective stochastic model to minimize the damage caused by the diffusion of virus in the network. 2. Developed a visualiztion tool which shows the spread of virus and the damage caused by it in the network.
Research: Adamic, L., Karkada, U.H., Iwashyna, T.J .The Potential Spread of Highly Resistant Hospital Acquired Infections Via of Inter-Hospital Transfers of Critically Ill Patients.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis on finance.yahoo

This project presents an analysis of a portfolio of stocks with an explicit intent to guide your investments. Decision of what stocks to invest in is as much a function of changing economic conditions as much as your personal risk tolerance. Your risk tolerance may dependent on a number of personal or financial goals, and there often exists a dilemma whether to invest in a market with low-risk or high-risk.

Interactive Learning system

Interactive Learning System (Development)

The Interactive Learning System makes an effort to expand education opportunities through online and distance learning experiences for teachers and students. (includes Text, File, Voice & Video transferring agent)

Google App chat Application

Google App Chat Application (Development)

A chat application developed using Google App Engine.

Recommender System Design

Recommender System Design for Social Networks

Abstract: Recommendation systems for Social networks are different from other kinds of systems, since the item recommended here are rational human beings rather than goods. Thus, the Social factor has to be accounted for when making a recommendation. In this paper, I have used a hybrid of Content and Collaborative filtering recommender algorithm to recommend new friends to a user in a Social network.

Reputation system Design

Reputation System Design for Decentralized P2P Networks

Abstract: In a decentralized P2P network there is no central body which regulates the actions and stores the reputation of the users. Trust plays a very important role when one is looking to download good content. The reputation system design proposed in this paper uses the social network property to determine the trust factor and calculate a relative reputation of every user in the network to a particular user.